Koschei the Deathless

iOS interactive fiction game


Our first iOS interactive fiction game last night - called "Koschei the Deathless". It is available in AppStore worldwide now, for just $0.99.

The game is a re-telling of Russian fairytales, taking a player on a speed ride through a number of classical Russian settings, and their characters.

This game was developed by Inga Pflaumer as an experiment, to prove that it is possible to make a game without much programming experience. No IAP, no gimmicks, just an experiment to see what can be made of this material.

The main character is a young girl, living with her brother and her mother on the edge of a dark forest. One day, despite her mother's warnings, she ventures into the basement of their cosy home where her adventure starts. Where it all ends, depends on you. Will you decide to be a kind and compassionate character that helps everyone along your way? Or will you try to explore everything and exploit everyone to get where you want to go? The outcome depends on your choices, so choose wisely.