Cute and vicious enterprises

Passion projects, experiments and trials

Knitted Adventure

Cute handmade platformer with amigurumi toys. We plan to add more features, more games and more characters to our knitted world!

Koschei the deathless

An interactive story where you can choose what your character is going to do and how the story will unravel. It is based on Russian fairytales. Powered by Corona Engine.

A free online library for young adults with social network features. Works on Laravel framework (php).

LiquidRubber shop

Shopify storefront for Liquid Rubber - Canadian manufacturer of industrial sealants and materials. We handled SEO campaigns, and theme development for them.

Aerostatus service

Real-time flight information service - where you can request about any flight that is currently in the air, or departing soon, from your mobile or email. Integrated hundreds of airport data sources, mostly over Russian, and some parts of Europe and the US.

Textbook about interactive fiction

Writing interactive stories is a textbook that explains the process of creating texts and scenes for an interactive story.

Ein Rocks

A daily dash of cuteness - the website about The Rocks resident corgi Einstein.


EndlessRun is a game for mobile platforms that is in development. Powered by Unity.

We workon passion projectsdeveloping what we like

From interactive stories to social networks; from information servises to gaming projects.

Every interprise is unique. Because of that we look for an individual approach and find it.

We love what we do and it shows!

About as

DropBearLabs is a small indie software development company that consists of two people, taking projects that inspire them. We always explore new opotunities, environments and genres, creating things that we love.

absolutely new
"Knitted Adventure" is our handmade platformer created by one developer. Available on AppStore. Read more

Recent Work

Our product range includes textbooks, games, social networks, online-shops, notification services and we don't plan to stop at what has been accomplished so far.